Half Creek Farm
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Half Creek Farm now has two locations.  The first is  30 miles east of Goldendale Washington and 8 miles west of the town of Bickleton and the second is 2 miles outside of Goldendale, WA. The entire farm will move to the Goldendale location in the next 5 years or so, but for now we're spread out over two locations.   We raise Kiko meat goats, a small group of Guernsey dairy goats,  a flock of laying hens, Muscovy ducks, some Sebastopol Geese, and a guard Llama.  Our farm dogs, Mr. Darcy and Wookie Bear, both are Bouvier des Flandres a herding breed.

At 3500 feet the Bickleton farm experiences  very harsh extremes in our weather patterns, requiring our animals to be hardy and resilient. Choosing the Kiko meat goat was a great choice for us. Our Goldendale location offers the advantage of less rugged ground, and will allow us to provide a better quality of pasture and an easier location for our buyers to access.

Kiko's were developed in New Zealand and imported to this country only in the last few decades. The Kiko has a greater meat to bone ratio than Boers, they require minimal worming, and they have excellent feet. They are great mothers and consistently twin. I can't say enough good things about these wonderful, low maintenance goats. We've bred very carefully to achieve rapid growth, and good gain on forage alone. The only time we use grain is to bribe the goats into something. 

We sell some of the best animals you will find anywhere. We cull heavily, and therefore have a nice selection of USDA processed goat meat for sale most of the time. 

Our Kiko's are registered with the American Kiko Goat Association(AKGA) and we're members of both the AKGA and the Oregon Meat Goat Producers, as well as charter members of the Columbia Basin Goat Guild. Our herd is blood tested for CAE and CL and we run a negative herd.